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Products featuring the infamous Cat In A Bucket

Yes folks, Lilly finally has her own line!

And she features in one of our online articles

By popular demand Lilly now has her own product range.  Cat lovers enjoy!  Even if you are not a cat lover we think you'll like these terribly arty images of our wee moggie.  

Dad bought this orange plastic bucket at a well known DIY store.  The bucket was intended for Craigstone Cottage (Therapy HQ) as an essential piece of practical kit.

Little did we know it was destined for greater things.  Now it is Lilly's bucket and she regularly pops in for a seat.  We have a new source for weight lifting as we raise cat in a bucket up and down several times in a row.  Great for upper body strengthening.  

The other option is to swing her back and forth saying "wheeee".  She is also game for a few spinning moves and amazingly doesn't appear to get dizzy.

Bucket Poster

Online we found a definition of a moggie.  Tells us a moggie is a cat that does not have a pedigree and is otherwise unremarkable.

Try telling Lilly that!  A3 sized poster.  Cost includes postage, comes direct from printer.

Cat in a Bucket 1 Poster

We love the way the bucket tones in nicely with Lilly's colouring.  This of course was meant to be.  Somehow she used her mind control technique to get us to buy the orange bucket.

Cat in a Bucket 2 Poster

Hippy style, in her zen zone.  Flower power Lilly daydreams and believes.  

Hippy Style Poster

Lilly is totally into Reiki and loves chilling out.  This poster shows her off in velcro mode as she appears to magically stuck to the cushions.  It would just too embarrassing to slide off during a Reiki session.

Chilled Cat Poster

Cats do serene so very well.  Perfectly posed by nature x

Her Majesty Poster

Lilly contemplating the infinite possibilities of "in a bucket".  Or possibly not entirely sure how she ended up that way.

Pensive Poster