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Personal Relaxation Services

Reiki healing can help you relax and regain your balance, your composure.  Helping with aches and pains, anxiety and stress.  Being still and calm can help channel positive emotions.  Helping you to have better relationships with family, friends, work and community and to feel good about yourself.

One hour Reiki at therapy room

Please complete the client form in advance as there are a few questions regarding coronavirus. I can email the form to you once you make an appointment.

When you arrive for your first session we chat to help you understand relaxation therapy and you may have questions. Then I ask you to make yourself comfortable on the therapy bed with a blanket covering your body. Relaxing background music to help you chill out. Reiki begins as I sweep my hands above your body to get a feel for your energy. Then I move around your body to key points (chakras) placing my hands on the blanket. You may feel a pleasant warm sensation in your muscles. You may feel the release of tension and gradually feel less anxious.

At the end of the session I ask you to sit up and become fully present in the room (some people become very deeply chilled out).

We sit and chat for a few minutes about your experience and now it's time to go back out into the world refreshed and relaxed.

Please wear a face mask at all times 

Helps if you wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes, it helps if you don’t wear a belt or any big jewellery so that there is nothing pressing in to your body. Please turn your phone off.

Cost £25.00

Ten session bundle - Reiki

I believe that Reiki healing sessions are an important part of your investment in ongoing wellbeing. 

For this reason, I encourage you to consider booking ten sessions throughout the year in advance. 

Normally for Reiki at Therapy Room this would cost £250 however one session will be free so that’s £225 for a year of lovely relaxation sessions. 

Booking ahead means you get your sessions when you want them and can avoid disappointment. 

Having multiple sessions means an ever increasing ability to relax and something to look forward to every time!

 You can do the same for Online Reiki, booking ten sessions in advance will cost £225 for a year.

Distance and Audio Reiki

We can offer live distance healing. Distance healing takes the shape of a Reiki session live “online” where we connect and I go through the hand positions whilst you relax at home in a quiet comfortable place.

Cost £25.00 per session or £225.00 for ten sessions booked in advance, that's one session free!

Or perhaps you would prefer a 15 minute audio downloadable session.  A recorded audio session especially for you, to use at home, at work or whilst studying.

Experience some "me" time with the therapeutic voice recording entirely focussed on your wellbeing and comfort.

Please listen to relaxation support recordings in a safe way (don’t fall asleep in the bath or at the wheel!). 

Cost £15.00

Workplace, Group Services

A little bit of relaxation therapy goes a long way!   Are you overwhelmed at work?  Stressed and all tied up in knots?  Try Reiki to help unwind.

Workplace 20 minute session

We can offer a work-based service. This means you take some time out from your work and we do a Reiki session with you seated. It does help if you have a quiet room to sit in but it’s not impossible to do Reiki in an office as long as there is no other music being played. For the best experience we need a quiet, warm room where I can play some gentle background music. 

If you have colleagues who would also like some Reiki, I can do up to five folk in one day. For five sessions we really do need a quiet room please.​

Cost £15.00 per person

One hour group relaxation session 

You may prefer a group relaxation session where we all join together with some guided meditation/relaxation and Reiki healing energy. 

This is a nice way to introduce yourself to relaxation therapy as a group or team. We do need a quiet room and a maximum of five or six people works best.

Cost £80.00

Taster sessions

Not sure if Reiki is for you?

Email me to ask about taster sessions. 

Short taster sessions at work or for your group allow you to try out Reiki and get to know me and my way of healing. 

In a chilled out and enjoyable way you can hear more about Reiki and watch me demonstrate what happens with Reiki healing.

What our clients and customers are saying

Having recently gone through a stressful and testing… emotional period in my life… forced me to rethink

everything. I found that the reiki session came just at the right time in my healing journey. When the positive

healing surrounded me, I knew that this energy would continue to help me face… changes… and allow me to be myself

I cannot recommend Maggie highly enough. I was made feel very comfortable throughout my time with her. The level of relaxation was fantastic, I felt I was floating on waves. After my reiki session I found that my energy and mood improved, also slept like a log . Maggie has created a wonderful calming healing space that enables her client to fully relax and enjoy her beautiful gift of reiki- thank you Maggie

Dear Maggie, I am writing to tell you that my Reiki session with you, made me feel so relaxed. Firstly, I felt very comfortable as soon as I walked into your beautiful Time Out Therapy room. The music you played was very calming and helped me to get into a meditative state. The experience was quite amazing in the fact that I felt the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time. I look forward to my next experience with your amazing gift. Thank you again.

I had my very first reiki session with Maggie, and I highly recommend it! The space is quiet, and calm, and she made me feel very comfortable, and her friendly kitties are good company also! The actual session was so relaxing - I almost fell asleep! Her hands are so warm, and it is such a good feeling to just lay there and relax after a busy week! We had a good chat afterwards and she was very attentive.