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Check out our therapy cards set

A set of therapy cards featuring motivational and inspirational text and lovely wee images.  Helping you to keep going day by day.  The cards come in a Time Out Therapy handmade, recycled fabric bag with one of our "trademark" wee silver charms.  We have limited quantities available and hope to make more x

  Introductory price which includes packing and postage.  

Please note this is our first run of these cards and there may be some slight variation in print but this does not affect the quality of the cards.  

Therapy Cards (10 sets available)

Reiki Mouster

This adorable wee creature is secretly a Reiki Master.  He is all set to provide healing.  And he is so tiny he can go round the house or office with you!  An excellent companion for your contemplative moments... or simply to make you smile.  Reiki Mouster has already found a home with several folk across the country.  We are glad this wee guy is bringing happiness to you x

Reiki Mouster Ornament